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Automated-Trading 2014.07.31 10:18 

Long position:

A simple script that allows you to open a long position using the current price location with a specified Risk Percentage and Reward Ratio.

Author: Marcus Wyatt

Joshua 2016.09.22 21:09  
   double percentage   = RiskPercentage / 100;
   if(percentage > MAX_PERCENT) percentage = MAX_PERCENT;

   lots = (final_account_balance*(RiskPercentage/100.0))/(lots_size/leverage);
   return( lots );

In these lines of code you calculate the percentage and limit this but later in the calculation of lots_size you don't use the limited "percentage" value.

I don't think that this would be correct cause "percentage" is not used in the codesnippet anymore, pls check this. 

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