How can I get current date and time in datetime type in strategy tester?


I'm trying to open a BuyStop position while expiration parameter points to the next 5 hours.

trying to calculate the time using (TimeTradeServer()+PeriodSeconds(PERIOD_H1)*5) function but in strategy tester it returns a fixed time all the time which is (2020.01.01 05:00:00).

I wonder why when I attach my EA to a demo account the returned time is what I expected to be but it does not work properly in strategy tester.


the problem was due to putting TimeTradeServer() function on the top of my code and storing the result in a global variable whence it runs only a single time storing a fixed value in the global variable, I cut the line and paste it to OnTick() function therefore the problem is fixed now.

void OnTick(){
// some code here ...

   datetime buystop_exp_time=TimeTradeServer()+PeriodSeconds(PERIOD_H1)*5;

// some code here as well ...

still I wonder how it worked on a demo account...!?