Can data from FXTM differ from data of Metatrader?


Hello Everyone,

I have developed an EA, which is tested on Strategy Optimizer on MetaQuotes-Demo Server for period 2015.01.01 to 2020.08.01. I get some results which seem ok. So I decided continue on demo account of FXTM to test my EA for one month.

I installed Trading Platform from FXTM, which uses ForexTimeFXTM-Demo02 server.

Using same .exe and same setup for input parameters, i tested in Strategy Optimizer of FXTM and got totally different result for same period  2015.01.01 to 2020.08.01.

Difference is around 30%, towards worse result. I used Open Prices only modelling. If I use Every Tick based on real ticks modelling, results are close  but still some 10% difference.

Did you encounter the same, and this is ok, or I am missing something?