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General Questions Regarding Signals Please Answer ASAP

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Loukas Kyprianou
Loukas Kyprianou 2014.07.23 14:58 

1. What does the red number mean at the bottom of the signal tab in MT4 (13 in this case)? That 13 signal providers are added in the list since the last time i logged in ? or that 13 signals/transactions are added in my account from Signal providers ? or what?

2. It is still not clear if a client with a different type of account like MICRO can subscribe for signal provided from a Standard account and vice versa. If yes what calculation is performed if any?

3. I have made a signal provider account and I do not want to charge for it. How long does it take to appear on the signal list for my subscribers, do I still have to go through the testing period? And why does it appear for some people and for others it does not?

4. Is the synchronization between the MQL5 site and the MT4 platform instant or does it lag a bit?

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