Does anyone know how to draw line during Visual Mode?



I would like to draw line like the chart above. (It's from MT4). Does anyone know how? Thanks 

What is the problem? Need more details.
The chart that is shown when in Strategy Tester visual mode is a template called tester.tpl. Create this template with all the indicators, lines, shapes that you want and save it as tester.tpl. This template will be used to show your chart every time you use visual mode. If you have set up in your EA how to draw objects such as lines, they will be created as programmed as the testing progresses.
The Fundamentals of Testing in MetaTrader 5
The Fundamentals of Testing in MetaTrader 5
The idea of ​​automated trading is appealing by the fact that the trading robot can work non-stop for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The robot does not get tired, doubtful or scared, it's is totally free from any psychological problems. It is sufficient enough to clearly formalize the trading rules and implement them in the algorithms, and...