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Horizontal Volume Average (Help Request - MT5)

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Jamie Lyons
Jamie Lyons 2014.07.22 03:12 

Hi there,

i've been searching for a horizontal straight line average for the volume indicator in MT5.

i'm personally unable to code and was curious if someone would be willing to help out.

below is an example of what i'm looking for.

Basically it should be similar to the moving average, i'm not sure but you might be able to use the same code

but just edit to allow a striaght line so its clearer to see when volume is above normal.

Thank You in advance for anyone willing to help.

Stanislav Korotky
Stanislav Korotky 2014.07.23 13:46  
You should probably search the codebase for standalone volume indicators, choose one of them, and then you can apply standard levels on the indicator.
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