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Creating a $100 Equity Stop Out Level

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rashadhussain 2014.07.19 01:32 

Hi all, 

I am hoping you can help me, I'd like to create an automatic stop out level of $100 Equity on all my clients accounts, i.e., when they reach $100 left in tradable equity the position closes - and they have $100 or near enough left in their account.

If you can please help me with this, I think its a code or an algorithm, or a setting which I need to do, but I am unsure of it and I'd really like some help on this.


Many thanks


Biantoro Kunarto
Biantoro Kunarto 2014.07.19 03:00  

Hi, maybe this code can help you,

 if (AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_EQUITY) <= 100) 
      // close position
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