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A big program starts with a small file, which then grows in size as you keep adding more functions and objects. Most robot developers utilize include files to handle this problem. However, there is a better solution: start developing any trading application in a project. There are so many reasons to do so.

Now, compile the project and open the strategy tester with the MeanReversion EA. A new item "Load from EA" will appear in the context menu, on the Inputs tab. All available set files can be accessed from this menu.

Loading input parameters from the EA

Thus, the compiled EX5 file of the Expert Advisor is a fully completed product, with ready sets of parameters. The strategy can be instantly tested without having to set borders and steps for each of the desired symbols. Users and buyers of your trading robots will definitely appreciate this convenience.

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Thank you for this article. It is quite informative

In September 2019, the MeanReversion Expert Advisor was launched on a demo account. The purpose was to find out programming and trading errors in real time. The EA was launched in a portfolio mode on multiple symbols (this was the initial idea during the optimization). A built-in VPS was rented for the EA, based on which a private signal Many MeanReversion Optimized was created for monitoring purposes. 

This Signal is still working

Will there be a detailed article about shared projects too? It has so much potential but most people don't know it exists.

There is a section on Metatrader help but I couldn't find the screen to invite friends to my projects.

Then there is a lot of misunderstanding about what it can and can't do and some features just don't seem to work.