PostMessage from MT4 to MT5

Mateus Faria  
Hello everbody...

I found this code here... but it doesn't work to MT5...
Does Someone knows how to do the equivalent code for this?
#import "user32.dll"

   int RegisterWindowMessageA(string MessageName);

   int PostMessageA(int hwnd, int msg, int wparam, string Name);

   void keybd_event(int VirtualKey, int ScanCode, int Flags, int ExtraInfo);


void StartScript(int hWnd, string ScriptName, bool AutomaticallyAcceptDefaults = false)

   int MessageNumber = RegisterWindowMessageA("MetaTrader4_Internal_Message");

   PostMessageA(hWnd, MessageNumber, 16, ScriptName);


Thanks a lot...

PS.: I think the message "MetaTrader4_Internal_Message" doesn`t exist in MT5... so... Any suggestion?