Templates "tester" and "default" are not applied automatically

Joerg Hartgen  

Hi there,

since a few days I recognize that if I run a backtest there are more objects (= trades) in the backtesting chart than the EA generated.

It seems that thee EA uses a different template than the "tester" template. If I apply the "tester" template manually to a chart window, then all objects are gone.

The same phenomenon appears if I open a new chart: It's full of objects (= old trades from backtesting).

If I apply the template "default" or "tester" manually to this chart, then all the objects are gone.

For your understanding:

New Chart

I don't know how to fix this. Could you please give me a hint?

Best regards


Joerg Hartgen  

Somebody told me the solution in the German forum.

You just have to uncheck one of the options: