How to save the optimize inputs to report?


Dear experienced traders, 

I'm doing some optimize test in MT4, when I save the report, the inputs doesn't save in the report. 

Because there are hundreds kinds of inputs, I can't remember so much....

Do you know how to save inputs to report? 

Best regards,


Anyone figured this out yet?
@jagelbagel #: Anyone figured this out yet?

It is in the report. Hover your mouse over a pass #, and a tooltip window will apear with the inputs (see example below).

Alternatively, just look at the HTML code of the report.

<tr align=right>
    title="dblDeviationRatio=0.22; enumEntryMode=1; enumExitMode=2; boolCloseOnReverse=0; enumTimeframeReference=0; dblPeriodFast=3; dblPeriodSlow=167; intPeriodDelta=9; dblGeometricIndex=2; dblBandingRatio=2; dblUnitWeightER=1; enumMethod=1; enumType=1; enumAppliedPrice=6; enumDeviationMode=2; enumBandingType=2; enumCrossMode=2; boolPeriodAlphaWeight=0; boolTimeFrameAdjust=1; boolTimeFrameCompensate=0; boolOriginalER=1; boolDirectERWeights=0; boolTrueRangeCompensate=0; dblStealthGapPips=100; dblBandTrailRatio=1.5; boolBreakEvenOnRR=1; boolBreakEvenOnAMA=0; boolTrailOnBandDelta=1; dblPipSizeAdjust=-1; dblSpreadMaximumPips=3; dblSlippageEnterPips=3; dblSlippageExitPips=3; dblLotsFixed=-1; dblRiskTiltRatio=0; dblRiskMaximum=1; dblMarginMaximum=5; intMagicPrimary=180150008; intParamUpdateMins=5; boolParamReset=0; intRetryCount=3; dblSleepTimeMean=5; dblSleepTimeMax=15; boolSpecialTesting=1; ">
  <td class=mspt>8220.77</td>
  <td class=mspt>1.33</td>
  <td class=mspt>16.51</td>
  <td class=mspt>2229.78</td>
  <td class=mspt>11.72</td>
  <td class=mspt>32.32931727</td>