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MA Crossover indicator repainting in renko charts

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binosp2 2014.07.06 18:18 

Hi all,

I am trying to use a dual MA crossover indicator  ( IINWMARROWS.mq4  found in internet) which just displays arrows when a crossing of the two selectedMA's takes place in RENKO charts.

It works ok most of the times but all of a suidden sometimes I get some extra arrows in the last candles which are not valid. If I reapply the template or the indicator,  the invalid arrows disappear.

I have noticed this happens sometimes when there is a very short disconnection between the terminal and the server of my broker.  Any ideas?  Is there any problem with renko?


Thanks for your help. 



andrejow 2015.04.14 00:39  



I have the same problem.


Do you have any solution to that?





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