About validation error when applying to the market

Ugur Catak  

Hi there.

My EA (a kind of grid) is start to trade with 0.01 lot but Market requires that it must open trades on every symbol and every broker.

1. If I don't trade, if the minimum lot of the symbol is higher than my trade than I get "No trade operations" error in validation.

2. If I try to trade with 0.01 lot I get "Ordersend 131" because Broker does not accept this lot value, probably its minimum lot size 0.1 or 1.

So, I understand that I should trade with minimum lots of the symbol if it is higher than my lot. like above code:

   double min_volume=SymbolInfoDouble(Symbol(),SYMBOL_VOLUME_MIN);

And I need to warn users that this EA is not suitable for symbols that if its minimum lot size not at micro lot level.

Because, I can not choose to not trade if the symbol minimum lot size is 0.1 or 1.

Is this the way I should follow?

Or is there a trick that I don't know to pass this stuation?

Thank you very much.