MAE and Drawdown



I am doing backtesting and I would like to know the maximum drawdown in pips for each of my trades. 

I was at first looking at the MAE, but it's not what I want because it's in USD (or currency of the account) and so, it depends on the lot size. (even when you set the backtest in pips)

I would like to find the same as MAE but in pips ! 

exemple : I buy at 1.50000, it goes to 1.00000, then goes back to 1.50010 and I close.   Where can I find -5000 pips in the report ?

Is there one of you that knows how to get that from the report ?

That would help me a lot. 

Thank you 

Jean Francois Le Bas:

not possible

you need to compute it in the EA

Ok, Thank you for your answer.