How to get BO payout info for a EA


I'm new to both Metatrader and BO trade and I'm struggling in one specific point.

How do I get the payout information to provide for the EA?

The only way that I found was through the MT2Trading platform.

From what I understood about it, it's supposed to allow me to create any EA I want for BO and there is only a need to get the paid license when I decide to use a real money account. 

I tried by myself for a few days, but couldn't make it work. Actually, I couldn't even find the payout information...

They offer this documentation:

If anyone could give me any suggestion for one of these 2 points, I would appreciate it :)

1- How do I get the Payout information in the MT2Trader?

2- Do you know any other way to get BO Payout to use on my EAs?

Thank you!