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i need hel to create a EA

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Dacio Lima Santos Junior
Dacio Lima Santos Junior  
Hello, okay with you?

My idea is extremely simple.
Consists of the idea of joining two indicators together with a managed risk.

It's all very simple, the "A" indicator (Trigger Lines) is my input signal (buy / sell)
and "B" (Super Signals Indicator) indicator is my output signal, the attached file I specified the point of entry and exit for sales / purchase.

The logic of the EA is absurdly simple, the "A" indicator gives the input signal to trade (buy or sell) the EA executes the order, the "B" indicator gives the output signal then the EA closes the order.

Important Reminder operation is only closed with stop loss or the output signal of the indicator "B", only under these two hypotheses.

The EA will put / close the order at time of signals from indicatorsthe lot to be placed by him should be 2% of the total equivalent of equity and the stop loss should be 30 pips.

It is only that.

somebody can help me please

my contact is:

best reguards

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
It is better to use Freelance service for requests
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