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when start following signal old open trades are opened as well

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SentiNell 2014.07.02 21:06 



When I start folowing a signal it also opens the trades that are open which already excist for some time (sometimes months) and are in big losing position. Is it possible to start following a signal without copying the current open trades, so just accept new trades from then onwards?


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Cem Sarihan
Cem Sarihan 2014.07.04 16:58  
Is this still the case? 
SentiNell 2014.07.10 20:48  
I don't know for sure. I started to follow more signals and they didn't sync the old trades that were still open. But when I started to follow those the window that asked to force syncing (or something like that) didn't come up, so i guess it had something to do with that window poping up and me accepting it to force sync.
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