array out of range error please offer assistance


Hi. Im building an EA that should ideally work on multiple charts simultaneously. When the EA is loaded onto a chart it first checks to see if an order has been opened already by looping through the order pool, obtaining the OrderSymbol and putting it into an array. Then i loop though that array and compare those symbols to ChartSymbol. If it finds a match it proceeds to set the trade. Everything works fine when I upload the EA to one chart. But once i upload it to the second chart it returns an "Array out of range" ERROR. The error is directing me back to the loop where create the array that holds the symbols currently with an open/pending order. 


Keith Watford  

Nobody can really help you if you don't show the code

Use the code button (Alt + S) when pasting code

William Roeder  
Do you really expect an answer? We can't see your broken code. There are no mind readers here and our crystal balls are cracked.