Script for keyboard key mapping buy sell stop in MT5

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Hello community

I am not a programmer and due to the variety of topics / command options / combinations and variations of mql just enthusiastic and a bit overstrained at the same time

I would like to test, if external programs for hotkeys / scripts seem to be useful, or if a direct mini-programming for the MT5 seems more efficient...
My miniscripts and results should be as simple and fast as possible, I hope you can help me with my first rudimentary steps and give me some hints ...

My first miniscript should do the following:
Several simple keyboard keys should be able to click different buttons buy, sell, stop in an open MT5 and window (e.g. market depth) ( one keyboard key is assigned to one button )

Maybe you name some possible basic procedures / command categories, then I can ( after I have a basic overview ) test a little bit with different variants to understand the structure for later more complex tasks, how commands / sequences ...should be created... and the finished script can then be placed...

Can I pause a script ...maybe with another button on/off?
... to be able to use occupied keys as a keyboard normally again... just a spontaneous idea, maybe it could be simpler...

Maybe you have links to already existing scripts / similar topics, which already covered this...

Many thanks in advance & greetings
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