Please Confirm.... Bug Found in MT4 latest release 1260

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I'm not sure if this has existed for versions previous to 1260. MT4 now can make chart offspring!! This is actually serious because it will also copy charts with an open EA, with trading privileges.

Steps to reproduce...

- Start terminal with the following command:

C:\metatrader\terminal.exe /portable startup.ini

and your startup.ini includes a chart as per the documentation...

  ; common settings
;  Profile=default
;  Login=
;  Password=
;  Server=
;  AutoConfiguration=true
;  DataServer=
;  EnableDDE=
;  EnableNews=

  ; Experts settings
;  ExpertsEnable=true
;  ExpertsDllImport=true
;  ExpertsExpImport=true
;  ExpertsTrades=true

  ;open chart and run expert and/or script

- Open a chart (doesn't matter which one) and then close MT4 after waiting enough time for it's chr file to be  written in profiles\defaults

- Close MT4

- Reopen with the same command:

C:\metatrader\terminal /portable startup.ini

Presto! Magic chart babies. 

I have tested this with multiple charts as well and it seems to happen only on termination of the application. Best I can tell, MT4 is getting confused about the chart that has been opened by the startup script and decides to write a template for it as a chartXX.chr in the profiles dir with it's last written info from memory. Then upon reopen, it just figures that chr was a regular chart opened by the user and does the default behavior. Just a guess.

Correction, it also occurs when switching profiles. New chart gets added to default profile.
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