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Switching to MQL5

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Ingvar Engelbrecht
Ingvar Engelbrecht 2011.02.26 13:49 


I am working on a quite large and complex EA in MT4. There are some features I miss in MQL4 especially passing

objects and/or type "structs" to sub functions and specifically returning them to the calling function. Since many of my

routines are of a general type I really prefer to keep them in a library.

I already have a fair amount of code in MQL4 and switching to MQL5 really takes an effort both in learning and actually adaptation

of the code.

The key question for me is if MQL5 gives me the kind of flexibility in handling more complex structures (or objects) both as

parameters and return values?  If that  is the case it would seem worthwhile to switch to MQL5.

I am familiar working with classes, objects, event handling etc. from programming complex apps in java (Blackberry)

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