need some advice on how to proceed

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Hi guys,

i am trying to write an EA which has to follow a wave(impulses and corrections). When an impulse fails a new wave is born, and so on.

So i end up in having multiple nested waves. i was thinking that user will choose a starting point and give the direction, the ea will draw the chart until current candle and then follow the moves.

i got stuck when i saw that resizing the Lows and Highs array of one wave will resize the arrays of all waves...

I'm a Java developer so i started writing as i'm used to.. object oriented... but now i realize that this could not be the right path and maybe their is another better way write this.

i need your advice on how to proceed:

1. create an indicator to draw the chart (using buffers) and then get the sell / buy signal into ea to put market orders

2. create just an ea which handles the drawing part also and uses buffer emulation 

3. continue this with some improvements

If you think that i should read some meaningful articles please share.(i know that i should read a lot and understand how things work... but i hope that with your help this process will be faster).

Thank you very much.

waves.mq4 17 kb
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