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Why can´t i find this signal?

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Ricki72 2014.06.11 00:14 
Hello, i am new here. A friend gave me sometimes ago the link to this signal: <link removed by moderator>
It looks very promising, so i wanted to subscribe, but i don´t find this one in the list!!

Not even if i go here to Signals/Metatrader4/Real/...?

Can anymone explain this to me?

Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer 2014.06.11 04:35  
Try to short from growth side and you will find it :)
Ricki72 2014.06.11 22:24  
Ok today it works, but i swear yesterday it was not possible to find, i tried every filters!

Maybe because he changed the settings. Before this signal was for free, now it´s for $35/month.


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