EA maximum number of users

Makabelo Pusetso Rakotsoane  
Hi, i bought EA which says it can be used on maximum of 3 accounts, what can happen if installed on the 4th account? 
Makabelo Pusetso Rakotsoane  
Eleni Anna Branou:

If you've bought your EA from the Market and has 3 activations, it can be installed in up to 3 different computers and you can run it to as many accounts as you want in each one of them.

Ok, thank you very much. 
Average Joe  
I thought minimum number of activations in MQL market was limited to 5. Where have you found a product with 3 activations?
Michael Charles Schefe  
TRI Tham #:
How to remove 1 or 2 of the previous activation?

I changed new VPS. But now it show i have used up the activation. The old VPS has been destroyed or closed. Please advise. Thank you.

you can not. Only reason you might be able to reclaim activations is if windows had a major update.