whats wrong with my iCustom


the code indicator im trying to pull from is this

#property copyright ""
#property link      ""
#property indicator_chart_window
#property indicator_buffers 2
#property indicator_color1 Red
#property indicator_color2 Green
#property indicator_width1 2
#property indicator_width2 2
extern int  Lb           =10;
extern bool alertsOn     =false;
extern bool alertsMessage=true;
extern bool alertsSound  =false;
extern bool alertsEmail  =false;
double ssld[];
double sslu[];
double Hlv[];
//|                                                                  |
int init()
   SetIndexBuffer(0,ssld); SetIndexDrawBegin(0,Lb+1);
   SetIndexBuffer(1,sslu); SetIndexDrawBegin(0,Lb+1);

and the iCustom im trying to use is this

double sslup = iCustom(NULL, 0, "SSL_channel" , 10 , false , false, false, false, 1, 0);

what am i doing wrong

William Roeder  
  1. Don't use NULL.
    • You can use NULL in place of _Symbol only in those calls that the documentation specially says you can. iHigh does, iCustom does, MarketInfo does not. OrderSend does not.
    • Don't use NULL (except for pointers where you explicitly check for it.) Use _Symbol and _Period, that is minimalist as possible and more efficient.
    • Zero is the same as PERIOD_CURRENT which means _Period. Don't hard code numbers.
    • MT4: No need for a function call with iHigh(NULL,0,s) just use the predefined arrays, i.e. High[].

  2. You are reading the sslu buffer of the current candle.
    You should encapsulate your iCustom calls to make your code self-documenting.
              Detailed explanation of iCustom - MQL4 programming forum

  3. "doing wrong" is meaningless - just like saying the car doesn't work. Doesn't start, won't go in gear, no electrical, missing the key, flat tires - meaningless. There are no mind readers here and our crystal balls are cracked.

    Wrong buffer? Indicator doesn't populate that buffer bar zero?