Intelligent scalper

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I have idea for a scalper that does the following...

User Defined Parameters:

Initial  Stop Loss (SL1)

Minimum Take Profit Level (TP1)

Trailing Take Profit Level (TPL)

Lot Size

Number of Simultaneous Break Even Trades Quantity (BEQ)

System parameters:

Low of the Candle Before the entry candle - Running Low Price (RLP)

High Of the candle Before Entry Candle - Running High Price (RHP)

1. firstly decides a trend (can use MAs or detect average direction of N number of candles

2. Enters with no stop loss in the trend direction of the determined trend above and a user defined minimum Take profit level (TP1)

3. If the trade reaches TP1, the scalper should add a Stop Loss (SL1) at TP1 (-) TPL and keep shifting  it at this level until it gets stopped out

4. If the trade goes against the intended direction, the scalper should wait till the trade reaches close of Price below RLP(Long trades) or RHP (Short Trades)

5. AT this point  the scalper should move SL1 to level defined by TP1 - (Move in price against trade *0.75) for Long trades and vice versa for Short trades

6. When the market changes back in favour of the initial trades, it will take profit at the latest created TP for break even

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  
Yes very good you can have it made over here:
Trading applications for MetaTrader 5 to order
Trading applications for MetaTrader 5 to order
I have a Fantastic indicator that has a 99.9 percent success rate however it needs to be automated to give optimal value, the indicator works on all timeframes and very effective for scalping. I have attached a zip file that contains the manual, Indicator and Template folders, it also contains .ex4 & .tpl file.  I have generated 478% in 3...
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