Help needed for a Profitable 3-Level Semafor - AsciTrend EA

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Hi Coders,

I am not sure if this is the right section of the forum.

Can somebody please add the 3-level semfor indicator (attached) to the Ascitrend EA attached with the post.
The EA currently opens positions at Asctrend signal and closes at the opposite signal. It also has TP, SL, Trailing SL, etc features.
I am aware that 3-level semafor re-paints, hence confirmation from ascitrend indicator

Proposed Buy signal
1) 3-level semafor formed at the bottom. (Ignore 1 or 2 -level semafor)
2) a buy signal arrow on ascitrend indicator.
3) trade is opened at the next bar.

Proposed Sell signal
1) 3-level semafor at the top.
2) a sell signal arrow on ascitrend indicator
3) trade opened at next bar

I would like the EA to open position only
"when a 3-level semafor formed, followed by a ascitrend signal (arrow)"

The position can be closed by whichever (or all) is/are selected.
1)"when an opposite direction 3-level semafor is formed followed with a ascitend signal"
2) SL at the recent 3-level Semafor low (for buy) or high (for sell), if possible.
3) fixed SL or trailing SL

It would be great to have ALL options for trade exit, as parameters.
Ideally, I would like to have an optional cost averaging MM for losing trades, but we can always discuss that in case someone is interested.

The EA already has SL, TP, Trailing stop etc programmed, so we can keep it that part intact and add the other exit logic. Please have a look at the sctrenshoot, the red circles are areas of entry and exit.
Please let me know if you have questions.


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