Transferring a tradingview indicator to a MT4 indicator, help

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Hi guys,

I've got a great indicator on TradingView, but I would like to have it on Mt4.

Can someone program this into a MT4 indicator?

//Credit to LazyBear for some of his CVI code\\

study("Tops/Bottoms", shorttitle="Tops/Bottoms", overlay=true)


ValC=sma(hl2, length)

bull=input(-.51, title="Bullish")

bear=input(.43, title="Bearish")

vol=sma(atr(length), length)

//filter=sma(cvi, 400)

// os2=input(-1.5, title="Oversold 2")

// ob2=input(1.5, title="Overbought 2")

cvi = (close-ValC) / (vol*sqrt(length))

plot(bull, color=green)

plot(bear, color=red)

// plot(os2, color=green, style=3)

// plot(ob2, color=red, style=3)

cb= cvi <= bull ? green : cvi >=bear ? red : cvi > bull ? blue : cvi < bear ? blue : na

bull1 = cvi <= bull

bear1 = cvi >= bear

bull2 = bull1[1] and not bull1

bear2 = bear1[1] and not bear1

plotchar(bull2, char="*", location=location.belowbar, color=lime, size=size.normal)

plotchar(bear2, char="*",  location=location.abovebar, color=red, size=size.normal)

//plotchar(bear1 ? cb : na)

//plot(cvi, color=cb, style=histogram, linewidth=2)

//plot(filter, color=red, linewidth=2)

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