New to coding, need help with BUY/SELL SMA EA


Hello all,

I didn't see a SEARCH function on this particular forum, so please forgive me as this is probably something very trivial to the rest of you.

I am literally hours old into coding for EA's and have thus far pieced together a SMA EA that gives me the ability to tell me to "BUY" or "SELL" in the corner when 2 SMA's cross...nothing fancy just a project to break me into coding.

Having done that, now i would like to automate said "BUY and "SELL" parameters...nothing fancy, no stop loss, no take profit after so many pips, just a system that places BUY and SELL orders when the two SMA's cross each other kind of like a perpetual order placer until you shut it off. I understand this is kind of dumb, but I'm trying to take baby steps and add from there.

Any tutorials or right ups that i can be pointed to would be much appreiciated,

Thanks in advance

Found the search button...