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New article MQL Parsing by Means of MQL has been published:

The article describes a preprocessor, a scanner, and a parser to be used in parsing the MQL-based source codes. MQL implementation is attached.

Programming is essentially formalizing and automating some processes using general-purpose or special-purpose languages. The MetaTrader trading platform allows applying programming to solving a wide variety of the trader's problems, using embedded MQL language. Normally, the coding process is based on analyzing and processing application data according to the rules specified in source codes. However, a need sometimes arises for analyzing and processing the source codes themselves. Here are some examples.

One of the most consistent and popular tasks is contextual and semantic search in source code base. Surely, you can search for strings in a source code as in a normal text; however, the semantics of the sought for is getting lost. After all, in case of source codes, it is desirable to distinguish among the specifics of using the substring in each specific case. If a programmer wants to find where a specific variable is used, such as "notification," then a simple search by its name can return much more than necessary, where the string occurs in other values, such as a method name or a literal, or in comments.

A more complicated and sought for, as a rule, at larger projects, is the task of identifying code structure, dependencies, and class hierarchy. It is closely connected to meta-programming that allows performing code refactoring/improving and code generation. Recall that MetaEditor provides some opportunities of generating codes, particularly, creating the source codes of Expert Advisors using Wizard or forming a header file by source code. However, the potentials of this technology are much more powerful.

Code structure analysis allows computing various quality metrics and statistics, as well as finding the typical sources of runtime errors that cannot be detected by the compiler. In fact, compiler itself is, of course, the first tool of analyzing a source code and returns warnings of many types; however, checking for all potential errors is not usually built into it — this task is too large, so it is normally assigned to separate programs.

Moreover, parsing source codes is used for styling (formatting) and obfuscation (scrambling).

UML-Diagram of MQL Parsing Classes

Author: Stanislav Korotky

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