How do I drag & drop lots of pre-made orders in MT4? Can orders be pre-made for later use?

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I'm using Oanda for forex, but found that their own web platform forces me to write out every individual order for placement.

Just downloaded MT4 because I think it can help me with the following:

Basically, I trade by dropping hundreds of orders at a time across the 8 major pairs on the 1 HR and 4 HR time frame.

They are of different sizes (mostly nano lots), different stop losses, different take profits, and allow me to comply with FIFO regulations since I can trade 100 units, 101, 74, 129, etc., without worries.

Is there a way I can create a "favorites" list of order types/sizes for MT4 that I can drag and drop? For example, an order for one of each:

10 currency units, 10 pip stop + take profit

15 currency units, 15 pip stop + take profit

27 currency units, 15 pip drop + 30 pip take profit

101 currency units, 20 pip stop + take profit

1000 currency units, 10 pip stop + 30 pip take profit


Basically, a smorgasbord of order types meant to do different things that I can just drop a few pips apart without having to write in stop losses, take-profits, and currency amounts each time.

Ideally, I would have a folder full of these, and can just throw down what I need without issue.

Right now, I'm literally spending hours every night just getting these orders out when I could just be dropping them from a pre-selected list.

Thank you!

Basic Principles - Trading Operations - MetaTrader 5
Basic Principles - Trading Operations - MetaTrader 5
is an instruction given to a broker to buy or sell a financial instrument. There are two main types of orders: Market and Pending. In addition, there are special Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. is the commercial exchange (buying or selling) of a financial security. Buying is executed at the demand price (Ask), and Sell is performed at the...
While that is a workaround for FIFO regulations, the minimum order size on MT4 is 0.01 :((
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