Problem with iCustom

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Please see below for a sample of the code called:-

double CTdiUtils::_volHigh(int shift,bool reset=false,bool force=false)
   double volHigh=NULL;

   if(_volHighValue==NULL || force || reset)
                              "Traders Dynamic Index","© 2005-2016, CompassFX","",

      if(reset) return volHigh;

   return _volHighValue;

Here is a screenshot of the indicator:-

This works fine but when I am using the Debugger and I get to the call to iCustom (where the return value is assigned to volHigh), the debugging process just stops. There is no error message or value in the Experts tab.

So, this always works when on the chart. However, I am trying to debug an issue and each time I get to the call to _volHigh(...), the debugger stops before I ever get to the issue I am trying to check out.

Any thoughts as to why this all works fine at run-time but not when in the debugger?

Many thanks.

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