MARKET purchased indicators BUG?

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Hi all, 

Hoping someone can help, ive searched everywhere and cant find a fix apart from deleting everything (my profiles are quite complex id rather not try that just yet)

I've been using MT4 for a while now.

I have a simple cheap indicator and a free one.

I've made no changes to the software and downloaded no OS updates.

My MARKET indicators no longer attach and doubling clicking them doesn't work either despite them being functional for a long time now. Nothing pops up apart from an 'Experts' entry in the Terminal stating 'Cannot load "then the long file path" ...ex4'

The pre-packaged indicators still attach eg: ichimoku, ATR, RSI etc.

I deleted the market indicators and reinstalled them (using an 'activation' in doing so) but 1 hour later, again they stopped working. Very strange.

Any ideas?

Much appreciated!

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