backtest problems

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Shey Fabian Winkler
Shey Fabian Winkler  

Moin Moin,

I wrote an EA which goes in for a position always Fridays  if some conditions are given. With the conditions everything is good, but with the 'time term' I have some trouble. the code is as follows:

  //Wochentag/Stunde/Minute der Woche/Stunde bestimmen
    MqlDateTime lokalzeit;
    int wochentag = lokalzeit.day_of_week;
    int stunde = lokalzeit.hour;
    int minute = lokalzeit.min;
    int sekunde = lokalzeit.sec;

For control reasons I print out the time on the chart the bold part:

 //Verschiedene Informationen im MT5 auf Chart ausgeben  
           "Time Bar opened: "  ,TimeToString(timebaropen,TIME_DATE|TIME_SECONDS),"\n",
           "Open: "  ,DoubleToString(open,Digits()),"\n",
           "High: "  ,DoubleToString(high,Digits()),"\n",
           "Low: "   ,DoubleToString(low,Digits()),"\n",
           "Close: " ,DoubleToString(close,Digits()),"\n",
           "Volume: ",IntegerToString(volume),"\n",
           "Bars: "  ,IntegerToString(bars),"\n",
           "Differenz: ",DoubleToString(Diff,Digits()),"\n",
          /* "Zeit Aktuell: "   ,TimeToString(aktuell,TIME_DATE|TIME_SECONDS),"\n",
           "Zeit Trade Server: " ,TimeToString(tradeserver,TIME_DATE|TIME_SECONDS),"\n",
           "Zeit Local: ",TimeToString(local,TIME_DATE|TIME_SECONDS),"\n",
           "Zeit GMT: "  ,TimeToString(gmt,TIME_DATE|TIME_SECONDS),"\n",*/
           "Wochentag: "  ,IntegerToString(wochentag),"\n",
           "Stunde: "  ,IntegerToString(stunde),"\n",
           "Minute: "  ,IntegerToString(minute),"\n",
           "Sekunde: "  ,IntegerToString(sekunde),"\n"

            "TP: "  ,DoubleToString(TP,Digits()),"\n",
           "SL: "  ,DoubleToString(SL,Digits()),"\n",
           "Low: "   ,DoubleToString(low,Digits()),"\n",
           "Close: " ,DoubleToString(close,Digits()),"\n"
         /*  "LongSignal: "   ,IntegerToString(ls),"\n",
           "ShortSignal: " ,IntegerToString(ss),"\n"*/

The problem:

if I make a backtest, it works quite good for 2018 and part of 2017. But for more early time, the term

MqlDateTime lokalzeit;

seems not to work. That means for the time before 2017 I get the value '0' for 'stunde' and 'minute' . that means i can have no signal though the conditions are fulfilled. What I just discovered while writing here: For the early time, the seconds count from 0 to 59 and then set the day.of.week +1. That means in this contents the week contains out of 5 minutes..... Somewhere there must be the fault. can it be that it is the historic data which is somehow wrong formatted?

Please for suggestions

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