Basic EA structure/contents(dummies)


As a newbie to forex trading industrial, particularly in EA programming.  I have found both MQL 4 and MQL 5 EA formation rather not so user friendly.

After about two years of market observations/study/conclusions, I believe that I have found my own effective trading strategies and subsequently working on creating my own EA for live trading.

Unfortunately, as a dummies like me in both trading and programming, I found extremely difficult on the formation of my first EA (while awaiting my MQL 5 EA programming book to arrive!).

Why can't [MetaQuotes] provide a dummies Live Trading EA structure (contains all compulsory sections(such as Global Variables, OnInit, OnStart) with optional add-on sections) while fillup with compulsory contents in each compulsory sections (such as TakeProfit, StopLoss, Lots....) with optional add-on tools/indicators).  In layman word, the trading strategies is normally the comparing (less than, equal to or more than) of at least two data or two set of data.  With just fill up (dummies template) the compulsory sections of the Trading EA, one workable Trading EA will be formed (irrespective of it ROI) and ready for backtesting.

I have been spending more than 100 of hours searching for such dummies Trading EA in the CodeBase community (search thru MQL5 website) but unfortunately till this moment of time, failed to find one.

I sincerely hope that MetaQuotes Management and/or expects can provide some kind of advice and/or assistance on the formation of My First Trading EA using MQL 4 and/or MQL 5.

Happy trading to all!!!

Best regards, James


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