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Indicators: Jays Candle Display

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2009.12.07 12:47 

Jays Candle Display:

Jays candle display is a multi candle displaying indicator. It displays the swing and body of candles on different timeframes from one minute up to one day.

Author: jay

wishingwell12 2014.11.10 04:39  
It's a great indicator I like seeing multiple time frames at once and the price action.  Only have one complaint is that you have copy writed everything so I cannot make any changes in the settings of the indicator to display the time frames I want.   Also the "M5" min time frame is really the time for the M15 min candle and when I realized that I have been trying to change the text from M5 to M15 but cannot because again everything is copywrited and the indicator won't let me.  Other than that I really enjoy the indicator.  Just need to be able to fix those things I mentioned and I would be excellent!      
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