MACD EA Order Problem

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Hi Guys,

I'm using MT4 Build 1090, Here's the problem: this is the default EA installed with the software, it will Open Short (SELL) trade when the price is is LOW! and Close Short when the price is HIGH, thereby trading a loss.. irrespective of the parameters used. It does the same when trading LONG (BUY) orders.

Example  Parameters:

FastMA = 14, SlowMA = 17, Signals = 9
MACDOpenLevel = 2.4, MACDCloseLevel = 2.0
MATrendPeriod  = 17
TakeProfit = 70, TrailingStop = 25, StopLoss = 0
Lots = 0.01

The calculation for LONG trades:

 if(MacdCurrent<0 && MacdCurrent>SignalCurrent && MacdPrevious<SignalPrevious &&
         MathAbs(MacdCurrent)>(MACDOpenLevel*Point) && MaCurrent>MaPrevious)


What is going on here.. can someone help please. ?

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