An EA that can read a custom indicator

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d p  
The attached indicator draws either a bullish (green) or bearish (red) support or resistence rectangle under or above the price. This is the time to enter a position either long or short. It is very accurate from what I've read it's at least 70% accurate. In my experience it's a lot better than that.

But in terms of creating the EA, I only have the EX4 file not the source. Am aware that iCustom can be used to read indicator output. This is some iCustom code for another indicator. However, with the korharmonics indicator I do not see any values in the data window when the rectangle is drawn. If someone can help me understand how to test if it is there or not that would be awesome.

I've also attached another example of a Gartley, the eur/usd graphic. This is the other kind of Gartly produced by the indicator. But I am first looking at the pattern showing on the audusd graphic. This type of setup seems to have a better chance of success, thus makes the best candidate for an EA.

if((iCustom(Symbol(),0,"HG_0001a_MTF",1.0,5,15,30,60,0,1)>0) ||
          (iCustom(Symbol(),0,"HG_0001a_MTF",1.0,5,15,30,60,2,1)>0) ||
          (iCustom(Symbol(),0,"HG_0001a_MTF",1.0,5,15,30,60,4,1)>0) ||
          (iCustom(Symbol(),0,"HG_0001a_MTF",1.0,5,15,30,60,6,1)>0) ||
          (iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Trend Magic",50,5,1,1)<iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Trend Magic",50,5,0,1)) )
        if(iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Trend Magic",50,5,0,0)<iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Trend Magic",50,5,1,0))
          if(TOOC()==0 && trade_bar<Bars)

audusd2.png 47 kb
eur.png 38 kb
Alexey Da
Alexey Da  
Unfortunatelly you can't use EX4 files in MetaTrader 5.

iCustom is function which just returns a handle to get indicator data. If indicator is unable to create the handle will be invalid.
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