Why has this signal/EA/Market product disappeared?????

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Keith Watford
Keith Watford  

If you can no longer access a product from MQL5, please understand that we are simply users here on the forum, we are not Admin and we cannot answer your questions. I do not understand why the Service desk keeps telling people to ask in the forum when they should know that we are unable to supply any answers.

Repeatedly asking the same question and organising groups of people to ask the same question will not get you any answers. Your posts will be deleted as discussion of specific market products is not allowed.

Contact the provider of the product/signal as it is up to that person to contact admin and find out why. Though it is quite likely that he/she probably knows already.

I agree that the service desk support is very poor lately and something needs to be done as since they have automated so many aspects it is all falling to pieces.

So, please remember that we forum users are not able to answer some of your questions as we simply don't know the answers.

Lorentzos Roussos
Lorentzos Roussos  

I'm going to list some reasons i've encountered for products dissapearing (and to support the "Contact the provider of the product prior to the service desk")

*keep in mind ,what is stated is from a sellers experience and not a moderator or a support team member

  • Update , seller jacks up the price to the maximum or hides the product when he/she discovers a major flaw.
  • Polish , seller hides the product to update screenshots ,create a video or improve SEO of the contents.
  • Copyright strike , in which case the vendor is given a detailed guide on what exactly was the copyright issue - yes the product is immediately removed but its available to be reinstated after vendor applies the changes suggested by MQ.
  • Complaints are also a possible reason with the new system in place but i have not come across those yet.
Now , without intending to insult anyone , when the seller provides links to their social media , or prompts you to follow them ,maybe you should for such cases.

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