Need Help to read out the State/Color of a Indikator Line

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Hi People!

Here i have a MA Indicator what change the Linecolor in red, green or yellow.

For using in a other indicator i try to read out the color State of the Line.

I love the smooth behavior of this indicator.

Also the yellow State is a perfect hysteresis for my purposes.

At the bottom of the code you can see how the Color Buffers are working.

But my idea to set a variable "LineColor" and write it to a Global Variable does not work.

When i print the value of "LineColor", the printed value changes every second between 1 (green) and 2 (red), i never see 3 (yellow).

But on screen the colors are always stable.

Have anyone a idea how i can get the stable colorstate of this indicator?

Thanks a lot and best Regards from Germany,


//---- indicator settings

#property  indicator_chart_window
#property  indicator_buffers 3
#property indicator_color1 Yellow      
#property indicator_color2 Green
#property indicator_color3 Red

extern int       MAPeriod=3;
extern int       MAType=2;

//---- buffers

double ExtMapBuffer1[];
double ExtMapBuffer2[];
double ExtMapBuffer3[];

double LineColor;

//---- variables

int    MAMode;
string strMAType;

//----Global Variables

//| Custom indicator initialization function                         |
int init()
//---- drawing settings

switch (MAType)
      case 1: strMAType="EMA"; MAMode=MODE_EMA; break;
      case 2: strMAType="SMMA"; MAMode=MODE_SMMA; break;
      case 3: strMAType="LWMA"; MAMode=MODE_LWMA; break;
      case 4: strMAType="LSMA"; break;
      default: strMAType="SMA"; MAMode=MODE_SMA; break;
   IndicatorShortName( strMAType+ " (" +MAPeriod + ") ");
//---- initialization done

double LSMA(int Rperiod, int shift)
   int i;
   double sum;
   int length;
   double lengthvar;
   double tmp;
   double wt;

   length = Rperiod;
   sum = 0;
   for(i = length; i >= 1  ; i--)
     lengthvar = length + 1;
     lengthvar /= 3;
     tmp = 0;
     tmp = ( i - lengthvar)*Close[length-i+shift];
    wt = sum*6/(length*(length+1));

int start()

   double MA_Cur, MA_Prev;
   int limit;
   int counted_bars = IndicatorCounted();
   //---- check for possible errors
   if (counted_bars<0) return(-1);
   //---- last counted bar will be recounted
   if (counted_bars>0) counted_bars--;
   limit = Bars - counted_bars;

   for(int i=limit; i>=0; i--)
      if (MAType == 4)
        MA_Cur = LSMA(MAPeriod,i);
        MA_Prev = LSMA(MAPeriod,i+1);
        MA_Cur = iMA(NULL,0,MAPeriod,0,MAMode,PRICE_CLOSE,i);
        MA_Prev = iMA(NULL,0,MAPeriod,0,MAMode,PRICE_CLOSE,i+1);
//========== COLOR CODING ===========================================               
       ExtMapBuffer3[i] = MA_Cur; //red 
       ExtMapBuffer2[i] = MA_Cur; //green
       ExtMapBuffer1[i] = MA_Cur; //yellow
        if (MA_Prev > MA_Cur)
        ExtMapBuffer2[i] = EMPTY_VALUE; //delete green, red stays
        LineColor = 2;          
        else if (MA_Prev < MA_Cur)
        ExtMapBuffer1[i] = EMPTY_VALUE; //delete red, green stays
        LineColor = 1;
        ExtMapBuffer2[i]=EMPTY_VALUE;//EMPTY_VALUE; delete red and green, yellow stays
        LineColor = 3;
        Print ("Color= ", LineColor);


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