Problem about memory leak error. Would you help me?

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Par duck
Par duck  


I have a problem.

I don't know why there occurs memory leak.

I made class Ticket.mqh and TicketList.mqh(Vector)

It is made for a convenient order.

The destructor also work properly.

But error of memory leak  occurs.

I'm using two class and some objects (Label)

This below of code is related create and delete.

<List create code>

TicketVector<Ticket> v;

<Ticket create code>

Ticket *t = new Ticket(5,1,0,1);

<Member variable of List>

Ticket *list[];

<Ticket delete code>

delete list[i];
for(int j=i;j<size-1;j++) list[j]=list[j+1];
delete list[size-1];

<Vector delete code>

delete &v;

Please some body help me ... 

Thank you for sparing your time.

Stanislav Korotky
Stanislav Korotky  

Complete code is required to pinpoint the problem - you can prepare a stripped down example.

Apart from this you have an error in "Ticket delete code". You should not delete list[size-1] because you moved it to size-2 in the loop. In other words, when you delete one element, there must be only one delete operator (you have two).

Anthony Garot
Anthony Garot  

It's hard to see what you are doing. As @Stanislav Korotky points out, you need to show all your code.

One tip:

Whenever removing a single (or just a few) item from a list, always use a loop in reverse.

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