US Dollar Index (DXY) Candlestick Indicator for MT4

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Goon Akmad
Goon Akmad  

Hello Everyone!

I don't have the US Dollar Index (USDX / DXY) as a part of my platform but I use it a lot in my trading. Usually I use the chart off of TradingView but this can be troublesome. I can switch brokers to a broker that offers it as a part of their MT4 platform, or I can download a second instance of MT4 and make a demo account with a broker that offers it.

These are not seamless solutions however. After looking online, I have found that there are indicators out there (for both MT4 and MT5) that display the the US Dollar Index as in indicator based off of the other currencies available on your platform.

The ones available for MT4 do not come in candlestick form while the ones available for MT5 do come in candlestick format.

I was wondering if there was an MT4 indicator out there that displayed the US Dollar Index in candlestick format?

The problem with the above indicator is although it is designed for MT4 and includes candlesticks, it does not include the SEK currency as a part of its calculations (unlike the 2 similar indicators mentioned above), it states in the description that the SEK currency is replaced with the AUD currency. I require an indicator to include the SEK currency as part of its calculations, this is so the indicator is as accurate as possible. 

Can anybody help me with this? Thanks for reading! I'm sure others with brokers who do not include the US Dollar Index have also thought of this before.

Juvenille Emperor Limited
Eleni Anna Branou  
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