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Indicators: Fractal Dimension Index. + Step EMA

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2009.06.25 09:00 

Fractal Dimension Index. + Step EMA:

Linear Weighted Fractal Dimension Index (ternd vs notrend filter) plus Step EMA

Author: LastViking

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2009.07.15 15:29  

Very good indicator.

I have implemented EA based on this indicator.


Above is the tester report for EA based on this indicators.

I did not use FDI value to filter out the false signals.

I dont see FDI (green line) being below 1.5 at any time. It is all the time well above 1.5.

If these false signals can be filtered out then this is going to make great indicator and EA based on this will be profitable.

Is there any way to filter out the false signals from this indicator??

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