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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp.  

All MetaTrader Market products may have descriptions in 7 languages of the website. Thus, our Sellers are able to describe the advantages of their trading robot in the language of potential buyers from around the world. From the very start of the service, the administration provided Russian and English translations for all Market products. At the initial stages of the service promotion, this was a necessary part of helping trading robot developers along with automated checks and the articles on how to prepare products.

Since then, the number of Market applications has exceeded 13 000, while the number of developers has run into thousands. Now, the time has come for Sellers to think about promoting their products in different languages for themselves.

The Market Administration stops translating products into other languages. Please prepare translations of your product descriptions on your own.

Each Seller has access to the statistics of their product's downloads and purchases sorted not only by time but also by countries.

Choose the most important regions and make descriptions of your products in the appropriate languages. Although we recommend to do translation into all languages!

You do not have to be a fluent speaker of a specific language to obtain a high-quality text — just order a translation in Freelance.

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