MT5 builds 1861/1881 appear to have some serious failure points for genetic back-testing.

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Adam L
Adam L  

I'm not a full-time pro, however I've used MT5 for about 6 years now. Build 1755 seemed to be the best / most stable version yet. I'm still using build 1755 for EA development (using the genetic algo on back-testing), as it seems to be the most stable version for various reasons;

1. 1755 Backtesting results stored in Testing cache as XML files - handy for further analysis & copying optimal EA parameters over to production. 1861 seemed to change this file format? I believe it should be an option to select the output file format.

2. 1755 Still has a column on Backtest results for Genetic algo 'Generation / Pass'  number >> Which is important if you're trying to see if your system / variable ranges are working properly. 1861 seemed to remove this information?  - i believe it should be an option to turn on/off?

3. 1755 actually shows both the backtesting Graph and Table of values Live - Some tests can run for a long time - So it's good to be able to see everything live. 1861 mutes the graph - claiming it's better for cloud optimisations - i believe it should be an option to turn on/off?

4. Last time i ran a genetic backtest on 1861/1881, i paused the test (STOP button) to see the graph, and upon resuming the test, it started from the 'beginning' (i.e. Generation 0) - Meaning none of the previous genetic results seemed to be taken into account. Kind of like it's starting from the beginning again, but incrementing the counter and ignoring any genetic results obtained to date?

5. In 1881, it seems a lot of Deposit currencies are no longer available for backtesting?  For example for a LIVE trading account in AUD, the only BackTesting Deposit Currencies available are: USD CHF EUR GBP RUB ?

Metatrader software is killer on the whole, but I'd be interested to hear on any other developers experience with the latest build, and whether there's any plan to rectify any of the issues stated above? 

Note: So far 1861/1881 seem to be fine for LIVE manual trading - no arguments on that one


Onyebuchim Obike
Onyebuchim Obike  

I'm also having problems with connection through Proxy Server on MT5 Build 1881. MT4 connects without any problem on my Proxy Server.

Does anyone knw the MT5 version that connects through Proxy without any problem?

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