Tensorflow profile tool's output has no visualized graph

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Hi Guys,

I have recently done my course on Tensorflow and while doing my assignments, I have encountered a problem when using tensorflow profiler to analysis my code.

I followed the instructions on this website: 

https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/tree/master/tensorflow/core/profiler. Also, google gperftools ( https://github.com/gperftools/gperftools ) was built and installed on my computer.

I follow the steps below to find the most expensive operations of my code .

Step 1. Generate pprof file by running the following code : "code -select accelerator_micros -max_depth 100000 -output pprof:outfile=/tmp/profiles/deep.prof".

Step 2. Visualize the generated file by running "pprof -pdf --nodecount=100 --sample_index=1 /usr/bin/python /tmp/profiles/deep.prof >/tmp/profiles/deep.pdf".

I expect to get a call graph with tensorflow operations and running time. However I only got a table as shown below. I wonder whether I misunderstood some of the instructions. Would someone give me some advice? pprof output pdf file


Thanks & Regards


  1. No table attached
  2. Nothing to do with the terminal or the language - you are off topic.
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