CArray Feature Request

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Christian Stern
Christian Stern  

Hey MQL-Dev Team,

i fell in love with this CArrays. There are really handy and saves a lot of code. I miss a functionality, i can assign and insert array but i can't dump the contents into a given array. I was reading through the documention but could not find a hint. For now i have to go over a function which copies the data into a new array. 

Do you think it's useful to add this functionality ? Like:

// define
int foo[];
CArrayInt *bar = new CArrayInt();

// add
if ( bar.SearchFirst(3)  == -1 ) bar.Add(3);
if ( bar.SearchFirst(99) == -1 ) bar.Add(99);
if ( bar.SearchFirst(24) == -1 ) bar.Add(24);


Thank you && Best regards, Chris

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