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MetaQuotes Will Take Part in FX WORLD ISTANBUL

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2014.04.23 10:30 

Our company will act as a technology partner at FX WORLD ISTANBUL conference that will be held from 25 to 28 September in Istanbul. The event will be arranged with the assistance of multiple Turkish non-governmental organizations and will be dedicated to the development of Forex industry in the country.

MetaQuotes Will Take Part in FX WORLD ISTANBUL

The representative of FX WORLD ISTANBUL organizers Ceylan Pirinçcioğlu underlined some important points: “In the world of FOREX, the global daily trading volume has reached 5.3 trillion dollars whereas the Turkish volume is 30 billion dollars, representing 0.6% of the global volume. Particularly to attract regional foreign investors to our country, a number of important changes must be considered in our regulation and taxation system. If we can attract foreign investors for FX, I am sure that they would also invest in Turkey.” 

Pirinçcioğlu has also highlighted the importance of detailed explanation of the "Leverage System" for the benefit of investors. The maximum leverage allowed in the country currently is set at 1:100 and this ratio indeed creates enormous opportunities as well as risks for investors.

Besides, about 50 representatives of different financial organizations are to speak at the event. MetaQuotes Software Corp. will present its latest technologies and software solutions able to solve a number of Turkish Forex issues and facilitate the market development.

  • Yadigar Gündoğdu []
We combine our experience and our strength to organize the first B2C & B2B FX Conferance and Expo under the name ofFX WORLD ISTANBUL With a daily trading volume of 5.3 trillion dollars, FOREX is the world’s biggest financial market. The Communiqué declared in 2011 on “Leveraged Transactions and Principles Regarding Companies Who Can Perform...
Cem Sarihan
Cem Sarihan 2014.07.04 16:56  
Wow wish I could go .. looks fun
William MacBig
William MacBig 2014.07.09 15:09  
Wow wish I could go .. looks fun
Hopefully I can just manage to catch the Turkey, will be in there in Sep, but have not confirm the dates.
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