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investnic 2014.04.23 02:32 


 I have a system that works on a one hour time frame and it produces entry and stop numbers for 5 hours and then also gives you the pending orders for the opposite direction for the 5 hours.

My questions is does anyone know of an EA/Auto Trader that I can take and input all the numbers in to it every 5 hours and it will trade them for me. The stops and the reverse pending orders would need to be updated every hour on the hour unless the stop is hit and then it reverses and places a pending order in the opposite direction.


Does anyone know of anything like that out there or will I need to create it myself?




Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2014.04.23 05:49  
You can look at MT5 CodeBase, if not so go to Job or Market service.
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