Help with code for trailing profit

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I've been researchin around the internet and i can't seem to find an EA that can do exactly what am looking for. So here is my request.

I am currently trading on the GBPJPy on 4hr timeframe and according to statistical analysis, am setting my stop loss at 20 pips and take profit at 40 pips. My problem is my take profit is being hit way too early. So essentially once the trade moves in my direction and hits 40 pips, i want to do 3 things from there:

1.....move up the take profit figure by 10 pips 

2....move the stop loss to 30 pips 

3....keep moving both the stop loss and take profit figure up by 10 pips in 10 pip intervals.

Am new to coding in MQL but am getting the hang of it so the codes are becoming easier to undersand with time.

Any help is highly appreicated.

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